May 17, 2011

May 17th is as good a day as any other

I have many things to share but I will limit myself to the item that took me away from the blog, the item that had me on my own most of the time, the one item that made me stronger, wiser, if somehow tired... I am talking about our kitchen remodel!

It seems like it was a long time ago that we started demolishing cabinets and ceiling, taking out tile and old appliances, and living of take out and our neighbor's generous cooking. We started it all two weeks before Thanksgiving, and we were mostly done before New Year's. Not bad!

This time frame is just the construction-destruction part, there was a long time spent planning and making budget conscious decisions. There was a lot of time finishing the little details, and making the necessary adjustments.

I am happy to say that we like the space much better now, even though I would have loved to open the kitchen to the dining room, but with so limited space, we did the only thing we could, and this was to keep the same layout, and just make smart choices.

My husband and I did most of the work, but we left the demolition and the new raised ceiling to an expert. A good friend that works in construction and who made this remodel a great experience.

Now for the images...

Kitchen from family room

Looking from the breakfast nook

Breakfast nook

An image of the kitchen before the magic, just for good measure...


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