November 12, 2010

One month!

We have been back in California for a whole month! We have seen the weather change slightly, with colder nights and windy days. We enjoy the sun filled days so typical of southern California. The Colombian in me doesn't like Winter. I don't like the cold, the snow, the short days. I grew up in a place where every day the sun rises and sets at the same time, where the trees always have their leaves, where there is always a plant in bloom and ripe fruit hanging from a nearby tree. Because Colombia is so close to the Ecuator, the temperatures remain the same year round. It is always hot the closer you are to sea level, and it cools down in the mountains. It is beautiful, and it is home.

I have learned to enjoy the seasons. Spring is always so beautiful after long winters, and the colors of Fall have no comparison. Yet, I feel homesick with every change.

Today, I am thankful for the beautiful, clear sky outside my window. Today, I am closer to home.


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anno said...

Beautiful blue! Glad to see you back ... and using your TTL viewfinder. Looks like you are enjoying life!