October 26, 2010

Two things I am loving

Now that we are back in California, I'm looking at my surroundings with fresh eyes, enjoying what we have. I guess I am looking for the unique detail, the inspiring place, the things that make California MY California. One place that defines Southern California more than anything else is the beach. Did I ever miss the beach while living in Italy? I loved the lakes, but the small rocky beaches of the Pacific coast? They are a world onto themselves. Two weeks after arriving home, it was time to visit...

We went to the beach on Sunday, trying to catch some sunset magic to bring the day to a close. We walked to the tidepools, our barefeet on the cold sand, clouds and fog keeping us protected under their embrace. It was quiet and beautiful. I love the beach almost as much as the mountains. It was everything I knew it was, and more. I have to remember this feeling, the luscious landscape, the small details. I have to go back often.

This spontaneous outing of ours found us with our camera in tow. Husband was taking some close ups of a star fish and I was happily waiting for him to finish when I remembered that I had my hipstamatic with me! Well, the next best thing: the application for my iPhone. I can foresee many more outings for us two (my camera phone and I.)
I LOVE the results. Don't you?


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anno said...

These are beautiful, Beatriz... a whole new world.