October 22, 2010

The places you will go...

It has been a long hiatus. I needed a break from everything to focus on the big changes happening this fall.

We have left Italy with a heavy heart but with the knowledge that we were fortunate to live there three wonderful years. We made friends that will be friends tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that. We have walked through ancient cities, we have shared meals and laughter, we have opened our eyes to a wider and special world.


We have left Italy but Italy has not left us. So much was learned there, so many doors opened, so much inspiration drawn from the mountains and lakes that I believe us part Italian now. Our home deeply rooted in Colombia, with a wide and strong Californian core, blooming with Italian colors and scents.

We are back in beautiful California, and the warmth that has welcomed us is a good remedy for our longing. We are back home to good friends, friendly neighbors, open arms and endless possibilities. I am thankful for what we had and for what is to come. I feel I live a privileged life.

I wear the necklace pictured above every day. It is a good conversation starter, and it brings out the Italophiles around me. It is a beautiful thing!

I will be back soon to tell you all about our plans for the future. Ciao Ciao.


Marta said...

Just discovered your blog, but I didn't understand you were moving! Enjoy the Californian weather, here in Milan is already freezing!

anno said...

The need for a hiatus ... understandable.

How you always find such warm and lovely to places to live ... a story I would like to hear.

Beatriz Macias said...

Marta, welcome to my little corner. Milan might be freezing but it is a great place! I will go and visit your blog now.

Anne, I am fortunate! You don't live in a bad place yourself! I am a big fan of your barn images, they tell so much about the place where you live, beautiful!

Joanne at Frutto della Passione said...

How strange to think that you are gone from Italy. Best of luck with the next chapter in your story

Natalie said...

I just left California to move TO Italy. I hope that your adventures in CA are just as beautiful as your Italian ones.

A presto.

milanese masala said...

I only discovered you'd left by reading this post. I'm happy for you but sad we didn't get a chance to meet in person. I'll be following your new adventures in your old home :)