July 5, 2010

A photoblog no longer...

Hello and welcome. If you have visited this blog of mine before, you know that images always took precedence over words. This is going to change. I will keep posting my 365 Days in Color images, but I am going to start writing about my art, the process and the inspiration.

So, without further ado, lets get the new and improved blog started!

This is the corner of my house where most of the magic happens. On the left and out of the picture there is an empty desk with a fabulous window facing a nice view of the town of Azzate, northern Italy. This desk is where I sketch, and paint. I get most of my inspiration from my surroundings, my everyday.

I recently started a brand new series of work based on an icon of Italian design and a household essential: the Moka.

I used to make work that related to my identity as a Colombian. It was a personal look into my cultural roots and the displacement I felt living away from the place I called home. Then we moved again (from the US to Italy) and I found myself longing for my other home; my cultural identity is now that of the traveler, the suitcase carrier, the wanderer. I am now interested in exploring the places I temporarily inhabit, and how we relate to them. The concept of the souvenir is essential to my work as I am interested in the idea that an object can convey a place, a memory, a still moment in time.

This is how Italy as a souvenir was born. Both the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional works start with the iconic, the object that stands for the place; then I modify this object to make it my own. I use it as a canvas of sorts. I appropriate it with my paintbrush. Sometimes the shape of it is the main inspiration for the design, sometimes it is just the background to an idea. 

Ideas inspired by keeping my eyes wide open, looking for that detail that makes a moment and a place special. I am a keeper of moments, I track them with my lens, I keep records of the fleeting, the sporadic. Stills as collections, stills that transform the landscape into a cultural object. Another kind of a souvenir.

There. I wrote it down. This is why I do it.



erin :: the olive notes said...

i just love that work corner you have. looks like it came out of a design mag :)

...is that riomaggiore with the flags?

Beatriz Macias said...

Yes, it is Riomaggiore. Gorgeous, isn't it? Thank you for your words, and your visit... I am trying to get back in the blogging-saddle, not an easy task!

anno said...

The way you describe the source of your inspiration connects perfectly with the feelings expressed in your avatar: the moka, the coffee, the generous hospitality of the pour, the beautiful country sustained by it.... yes, this is why I liked this piece so much!

fruttodellapassione said...

Love the Mokas. Hope you post more pictures of them!

Beatriz Macias said...

I love your description, I might borrow it in the future. Will you be ok with it? I am so happy that the print is on its way to you!

I will wait and see how they do before making more of them... They take a lot of work. Thanks.

anno said...

Of course!

Anonymous said...

I love the space and mainly the 'Colombia' poster in your wall, are you the artist of it?

Beatriz Macias said...

No, I am not the artist that made the poster. The designer behind it is Ivan Onatra. His website http://www.onatras.com/