July 29, 2010

Painting a farewell

I am painting goodbyes and memories into this little moka. For the first time, I am working on a piece with someone in mind. My good friend Heidi is moving back to the States, and her departure was a surprise to all of us that know and love her.

Heidi is not only a fellow runner (a force of nature at that,) but she has been a dear friend and a supporter of my work. Just over a month ago she gave me the opportunity to sell my work at her house, and from that moment on, my official business was born. All I needed was that friendly push to finish the run!

Heidi has purchased my three prints featuring mokas, and she mentioned that she would love a real moka to go with the prints. Of course I jumped at the chance of making my first custom order as her gift.

I am making a 3-D version of my Moka monte, similar colors and concept. The bottom of the pot will be different shades of blue, the liquid sky ready to be poured out.

The top will feature my signature triangle texture. I am still debating if I will add a layer of my signature branches. I have to wait and see how all the colors look together before I make a decision. It is a dialogue, you see? The painting talks back, it whispers colors and shapes to my hand.

One thing I know I want to include is wings. I wanted to make them out of Papier-mâché  but I won't have enough time. I will paint them. These are just images of the process, first layers of color. I will show you the finish product soon!

I hope you like it dear friend!


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